Our finishing capabilities offer a full range of finishes such as Powder Coatings, Liquid Coatings, Vibratory Tumbling, Anodize, and Alodine. We also have a trusted relationship with outside vendors who can provide finishes such as colored anodizing, gold alodine, silk-screening, heat treating, hot dipped galvanize, yellow zinc, clear zinc, tin plate, and much more.

Powder coatings are applied on our conveyorized paint line featuring a 500 position conveyor system with a four stage pre-treatment system accompanied by a dry off oven and a cure oven. Our inline paint booths allow us to process parts within a 24″ ✕ 48″ ✕ 120″ envelope. D&R also has batch painting booths for parts that most automated systems can’t handle due to size and complexity.

Our liquid coating capability has been designed to be efficient and maintain outstanding quality. This has been accomplished by our long history of spraying liquid paints and understanding how to properly prep parts before applying the finish. D&R commonly paints parts with different requirements such as sealant, primer epoxy, clear-coat, and multi-colored. With years of experience and the knowledge of knowing how to properly prep, coat, and seal your parts, D&R will provide you with a finished product that not only has a quality paint job, but will last for years.


  • Iwata Painting Guns
  • Donaldson Powder Paint Booths
  • Gema Optifex Electrostatic Powder Coat Guns
  • Steelman Batch Powder Paint Oven


  • Mr. Deburr Vibratory Deburring Tumblers


  • Clear Anodize
  • Clear Alodine