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Capabilities - Welding

D&R offers many different types of welding applications to fit the needs of our customers. We offer Shield metal arc welding (SMAW) - also known as "stick welding", Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) - also known as TIG (tungsten, inert gas), and Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) - commonly termed MIG (metal, inert gas). For high volume applications, we turn to our robotic welder which provides efficiency and repeatability for all of your welding needs.

We have the capability of welding various types of materials ferrous and non-ferrous such as aluminum, mild steel, and stainless. Our most common materials being welded range from 16 Ga (.060) - 7 Ga (.187) but have the capability to weld as thin as 20 Ga (.035) all the way up to ½ inch material.

We strive to weld our customers' parts the most productive way possible. We believe that spending a little time and money on fixtures will help produce repeatability in their parts and overall save time and money in the process.


  • Fd-V6 Robot Arm With Fd11 Controller Powered By Wellbee P400 Amp Power Source


  • D&R Specialties WelderMiller 200 Amp Pulsar Mig Welder
  • Miller 210 Amp Mig Welder
  • Miller 252 Inverter Mig Welder
  • Miller Invison 354mp Inverter Mig Welder With Miller 24a Wire Feeder
  • Miller Invison 354mp Inverter Mig Welder With Miller 24a Wire Feeder
  • Miller 300 Amp Phoenix 456 Inverter Mig Welder With Miller 22 A Mig Wire Feeder

Pulse Aluminum

  •  Miller 350 P With Push Pull Alumapro Light Gun
  •  Miller 350 P With Push Pull Xr Gun


  • Miller Dynasty 200 Tig / Arc Welder
  • Miller Syncrowave Dx 250 Amp Tig / Arc Welder


  • Western Arctronis 30 Kva Spot Welder